…at the ballpark.  Like many things in life, parenting is a bit of a Hail Mary pass.  It takes a while to realize that your child has some ability, even though you don’t know what that ability is.  It takes even longer to find the right person to help your child flourish.  Finding the right program can be somewhat arduous and defeating; ask the parent of any youth athlete and the story is the same.  But when you find that person, the one that helps you lessen the load and whom you trust, you hang on for dear life.  And once you’ve had that experience, you want to open a business and help other parents experience it, too.

Everything we do at Development First Sports Academy is built upon the belief that kids have potential, and that the correct mentor can help each one of them tap into it.  Our head coach, Jason Garcia, hails from the MLB where he played for 11 years.   Our other coaches all have extensive experience. We’ve built a state-of-the art training facility designed with athletes of all skill levels in mind.  There is enormous and life-long value in putting professional coaches and trainers together with hungry kids and adolescents and dedicated parents.  

Development First is parent-centric but kid focused.  We understand the time and financial sacrifice parents make to keep their kids engaged in extracurricular activities.  Places to shop, bank, and eat need to be accessible.  So, too, do quiet areas for work and study time.  Grades always come before ball; but better grades and an enhanced academic experience can be obtained through physical exertion.  Mental acuity is often the byproduct of physical activity.   Everyone in our facility shares the belief in a balanced life, healthful choices, diversity, education, and in leaving the world a better place.

Make no mistake, we are fierce competitors; this isn’t a feel good place, and participation trophies will not be found here.  We like to win, but we will do it the right way.  Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy spirit.  Push hard and hustle.  Cheating and shortcuts will not be found here.  Dirty ball caps and sweat are badges of honor.   We want to help your kids be the best version of themselves, and sports is the vehicle through which we help them accomplish the lofty task.  We are very hungry and focused – and we will teach your kids to be the same.  Losing with grace, winning with humility and class, and sportsmanship are cornerstones of our belief system.  So, too, is giving back to the community.    

Thanks for stopping by and we hope to see you in the cages soon.